What paranormal events are?

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Before talking about Paranormal Fest, we want to speak a little about what means paranormal events to be clear for everyone.

A paranormal event is an unexplained phenomenon. Usually, stories about this kind of things are from popular culture and anything else that can’t be explained by science.

It includes ghosts, physic abilities and nothing that cannot be explained.

During the time, people tried to find explanations with science help. Branches of the science that sought to find a scientific explanation are parapsychology, psychology, neuroscience and also sceptical scientific investigation and criticism.

Parascare/paranormal fest is an event where people got dressed in ghosts or whatever they want, and they are doing different kinds of scary and paranormal activities. Such an event is organised in the various countries and cities and for example, the one from Utah have the following prices: all day pass ticket for children under 12: free and those after 13 years have to buy a 10$ ticket. If you want a ticket at Ghost Hunt, you have to pay extra.

At such an event people tell scary stories, they can enter different kinds of houses where they find paranormal activities and appearances.

If you don’t believe in these and you want to go at such an event, for sure, you will think twice before saying that you don’t believe what you just saw. You will get surprised to see how much people believe in paranormal things.

Usually, this kind of events lasts only one day, maximum two days. It will be a great experience even if you believe it or not.

At the event will also be some guests that will speak about new stories, about what they find new and what are their plans for the future. You will meet here famous personalities from the paranormal domain.

Different studies from psychology show what kind of people tend to believe in paranormal things. For example, a study made in 2014 shows that patients that have schizophrenia believe more in paranormal than the healthy ones.

“Paranormal Activity” is a series that shows supernatural and horror events. It also exists a movie named “Paranormal Activity” whose writer is Oren Peli and it has five movies until now, the last one in 2015.

Persons who believe in paranormal are strange people, or that is the way they are perceived by the others. You can’t say about them that are abnormal, but they have real psycho problems as we said before- most of them suffer from schizophrenia.

In conclusion, belief in paranormal isn’t unusual, but it is strange and scary for people that are around you. If you want to be accepted by individuals, you have to meet people that are the same as you or to act normal in the front of others.

If you do not believe in paranormal, our advice is to inform yourself and go to our parascare event to see how others are living and to try to understand them.