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Paranormal: The Blurred Lines between the Mystical and Reality

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Paranormal activities have been a mystery. And the resounding question that has been asked for years but never had a definitive answer is whether they are real? We ask that because we are intrigued and we want to pierce the veil into the unknown. We also ask because we are scared of that which we don’t understand. Nevertheless, it is difficult to come to a conclusion on whether the paranormal is evidence of the mystical realm or confusion of reality.

The scientific opinion

Over the years, the scientific interest in the paranormal has increased. Thanks to that, there has been plenty of research that has been done on the topic. However, even with the numerous YouTube videos of supposed evidence of the paranormal, science still holds that the paranormal is an abnormal psychological condition. There have been many names and conditions that have been used to describe the paranormal with one of the most popular being mass hysteria. However, is this really what the paranormal is or is there something more to it?

The unpopular opinion

There are thousands out there that believe in the paranormal for various reasons. Some claim that the have experienced it, others claim to be beneficiaries. Obviously, these are the people that are seen as outliers and are often considered “insane”. Nevertheless, they can also be seen as the dreamers and can be said to have a better hold of their imaginations than most. For such people, it is not so much about whether the paranormal is real, but rather how much of it they can experience. Put another way, it is not so much about whether ghosts are real, but rather the kinds of ghosts that exist.

What is real and what is fake?

My take on the paranormal is much like Schrödinger’s cat. It can be both real and fake for as long as you don’t experience or explain it. However, that explanation may not bode well with everyone. Does the sudden chill in your room on a hot summer evening mean nothing?

However, it is difficult to prove the existence of the paranormal, even with the numerous videos. The reason being that the paranormal world is an existence that exists between the mystical and reality. If I would be so daring, I’d say that it is not meant to be explored yet. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that exploring the paranormal is necessarily a good thing since we might find out that science was right all along. And who would want to live in a boring world where science is always right?